Marine Cables: Built to Last

Marine Cable suppliers in uae

One of the most prevalent methods for delivering commodities across continents is marine transportation. Not only is it affordable, but it can also hold even the largest items. To prosper in the maritime business, marine boats must be constructed to last. The selection of maritime cables for diverse shipboard applications is a significant factor.

Marine and offshore cables are intended to survive the most extreme weather conditions and are resistant to agents like saline water, humidity, powerful waves, winds, oil, and grease which are common in the majority of marine and offshore operating settings. Their robust design guarantees the sustainability of electrical components, instrumentation, and control systems in corrosive situations like the open sea. Marine cables are intended to assure the best functioning, safety, and reduced maintenance costs of marine boats.

Compared to residential and industrial cables, marine cables possess more sophisticated characteristics. These cables endure high-temperature changes, which reflects on their sturdy shape. Here are some of the most prominent features of marine cables you should know about:

Flame Retardant and Fire resistance

Before being introduced to the market, all marine cables must pass the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard test on their flame-retardant properties. This function safeguards your boats, cargo, and offshore facility in the event of a fire.

To determine their fire resistance, marine cables are exposed to high temperatures and open fires exceeding the temperature of 830 degrees Celsius; only cables that do not spread flames pass the test. In the event of a fire, they will not readily burn, leak, or melt and will prevent the fire from spreading if they pass this test.


Halogens are extremely reactive to weather elements like bromine, fluorine, astatine, and iodine.

Halogen-free marine cables are resistant to the harsh elements of the marine environment and have increased longevity. Furthermore, since there are no harmful gas emissions, they do not pose a threat to human life on ships or in offshore applications.

Low Smoke

The reduced smoke emissions of marine cables are a fire safety precaution. In the case of a fire, the cable will not produce dense smoke. A smoke emission with a low density will expedite attempts to extinguish the fire and cause less extensive damage. As the smoke levels are low, there is no threat to the passengers’ health.

Marine Cable suppliers in uae

Horizon – Trusted Supplier of Marine Cables

Horizon is the most trusted Marine Cable supplier in the UAE. Horizon supplies a comprehensive range of marine cables (manufactured in accordance with various national and international standards) for shipboard wiring, offshore platforms, and other at-sea installations. The applications include power, control, signal, instrumentation, and telecommunications. Through our years of experience in cable distribution, our product portfolio is designed to give our customers the greatest flexibility and choice with regard to size, armoring, and conductors.

Marine Cable suppliers in uae

Our technical engineers have a wealth of experience to advise our customers on cable selection with set specifications as well as bespoke cable design to meet specialist marine and offshore requirements. Our technical experts work closely with the logistics team to deliver cable solutions in the shortest lead times in the industry.

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