Role of Lubricants in Industrial Development

Marine Lubricants UAE

Lubrication is an essential stage in the maintenance of your industrial equipment. Choosing the proper product boosts the life of your equipment, lowers maintenance costs, and ultimately improves the performance of your final products.

The kind of grease you use will have a significant influence on the life of your assets. A sloppy lubrication practice is often linked to an increased risk of equipment failure. There is a lubricant typology that is suited for each mechanism or environment. If a technician applies the incorrect kind of grease to his installations, he can detect anomalous wear and breakage. Horizon’s strategy is to deliver the best answer possible by studying the machine’s application and functioning.

Horizon is well-known among the UAE chemical suppliers. We are also a trusted Marine lubricants UAE. We provide a massive selection of lubricants such as transformer oil, turbine oil, spindle oil, gear oil, steam oil, circulation oil, and many more. Our lubricants are popular among customers due to the use of current technology and quality control throughout the manufacturing process. We have been recognized throughout the years for providing the finest quality lubricants and delivering 100% client satisfaction.

How do you pick the best grease?

There are somewhat more general lubricants and greases linked with certain purposes and machine families, but this is insufficient to choose the optimal lubricant. We need to look a bit further.

Marine Lubricants UAE
  • Take into account the operating environment

We can have many greases for the same machine. Consider an electric motor that operates at 3,000 rpm. Five or six different lubricants can be supplied depending on the temperature or operating speed. If the temperature rises, for example, the type of soap and/or base oil, as well as its additives, must be altered to enrich and enhance the resistance of the grease. The goal is, of course, to maintain good operational quality and prevent breakages.

When selecting a lubricating solution, temperature, speed, friction, and load are all elements to consider. In other words, it is critical to examine the application and its environment as a whole.

Consider the company’s objectives and obstacles

Customers can also choose to change lubricants for more strategic reasons rather than just technical ones. We assist them in accomplishing their goals, whether it is to boost their production rates by X% or to lower their consumption and hence their costs but also their environmental effect.

As a result, the strategic direction of the technical teams or the corporation will lead the lubricant selection. Suppose there is no matching product in our ranges and we believe there is a genuine need. In that case, we can sometimes introduce a development – either by pure development or by upgrading current items.

Marine Lubricants UAE

The expert’s opinion

The most visible and significant aspect is that industrial clients are not always prepared to choose a lubricant. They are unaware that the lubricant has the potential to enhance their working conditions and play an important role in accomplishing their goals.

Our advice is to take a step back, examine your demands – not in terms of lubricant or related direct cost, but in terms of your department’s difficulties and ambitions – and then consider your supplier as a true solution provider.

This is an important aspect, particularly in this environment, where the maintenance department is often the deciding factor in the correct operation of equipment and machinery. It is also connected to an increase in their lifetime. These characteristics, among others, make it feasible to accomplish more widely established management goals or rather more general problems in its team or department.

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