What welding consumables are needed to start a welding shop?

Welding Equipments

If you are a do-it-yourselfer who often has problems while utilising other techniques of metal joinery, such as riveting, learning to weld can be a highly beneficial skill to have. It is also a profitable career field, and learning to weld as a hobby is an excellent way to learn the fundamentals and determine whether welding professionally is for you.

A MIG welder

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is the most used welding technique worldwide. Most consumer-grade welders are MIG welders, and this kind of welder is readily available at home improvement and hardware stores.

MIG welders utilise a “gun” with a wire electrode to melt and join metal, as well as “shielding gas” to safeguard the integrity of the weld. There are several high-end versions that can cost thousands novice welders often do not need them.

Wire electrode and/or gas

Frequently, novice welders use a wire electrode with “flux-core” wire. This kind of wire includes substances that transform into a gas when heated, protecting the electrode wire and guaranteeing a perfect weld.

However, the performance of flux-core wire is often lower to that of solid wire with shielding gas. Numerous kinds of shielding gas are designed for use while welding certain metals. For welding, helium, argon, carbon dioxide, and oxygen are often combined in precise proportions.

We propose utilising a 75/25 mixture of argon and CO2 combined with a solid electrode for general-purpose welding. This can be used to weld almost any metals, including mild steel and nonferrous metals, and produces superior results compared to flux-core electrodes. Local welding supply stores, such as Vern Lewis Welding Supply, offer electrodes and welding gas.

Welding Equipments

Welding Helmet and Gloves

Welding gloves and a welding helmet are both vital need. A welding helmet protects your face and head from sparks and debris, as well as your eyes from infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which can cause irreversible eye damage.

Welding gloves serve a similar purpose and are often constructed from thick leather or synthetic materials. They give protection from sparks, heat, and debris while allowing you to move your fingers freely.

Angle Grinder and Similar Equipment

Angle grinders are useful for cutting through metal, removing defects from a weld, and preparing metal for welding. You need acquire a number of cutting discs, a flap wheel, and sanding discs to prepare the metal for welding and to polish and finish the connection after welding.

Welding Pliers, Clamps and Magnets 

After a weld is performed, welding pliers can be used to keep work parts together and remove welding spatter. Most welders also carry an assortment of clamps to hold metal parts together during the welding process.

If you mostly weld magnetic ferrous metals, welding magnets are also handy. They can be used to swiftly hold and adjust welding workpieces.


A respirator is not required for every work, but if you are sanding and prepping painted or rusty metal, it will assist keep you from breathing any fumes or microscopic particles produced by buffing away the paint or rust.

Some welding helmets have an integrated respirator, which can be useful for welders working with painted or rusted materials or in other hazardous settings.

A secure, well-illuminated workspace free of flammable materials

Finally, you should have access to a secure, well-lit workstation that is free of fuel and other dangerous substances. In certain instances, welding sparks can travel up to 25 feet, so keep this in mind while picking a work location.

Welding Equipments

Need Welding Equipment?  We Can Help!

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